Trailer for Marie Antoinette (2006)

I can't believe I forgot this when I was writing that list of movie trailers that trump the films they are promoting! This trailer makes me positively swoon! Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette came out in the fall 2006 to luke-warm reviews, and yes, it's hard to see how a film can follow up such a fantastically dreamy, ethereal, and frollicking trailer such as this. Shot after shot of Marie Antoinette (played by the pixie-like Kirsten Dunst) running, dancing, naively having fun, and then collapsing in sheer wonder at her life. Yes, there was a whole country starving and living in poverty, but that's what adds some melancholy to the whole situation. Coppola's brilliant idea of mashing up 18th century events with 1980s new wave pop hits strangely... works! Not only is the trailer for the film driven by this music (here, by New Order's fantastic song "Age of Consent"), so is the entire film, in fact a two-disc of 80s hits was released as the soundtrack! A curious move to some, but only if you aren't aware of Coppola's body of work. Her three features, The Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation, and now this, all celebrate a similar fatalistic and ephemeral view of the world without feeling morbid, in fact they celebrate the little things, the wonders, and the relationships one experiences.

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