SAMSARA (2012)

If you are familiar with the stunning and transcendent visual poetry of Ron Fricke's non-narrative documentary BARAKA (1992), his follow up film SAMSARA might interest you as well!  He filmed everything with 70mm film so I will no doubt be gorgeous.  I would write more about this, but part of the magic of Fricke's films are that they have to be seen and experienced, and preferably in a giant theatre.  Here is the trailer.

THE AMBASSADOR Trailer (2011)

Listening to CBC's wonderful show DISPATCHES with Rick McInnes-Rae--which is sadly being axed thanks to the recent cuts in CBC's funding--I heard an interview with Mads Brugger, the Danish filmmaker/star of this fascinating looking documentary.  It sounded like a really interesting story and now that I've seen the trailer I'm determined to find this film somewhere.  Brugger, a journalist, buys himself a title as an ambassador to the Central African Republic, one of Africa's least known countries,  and poses as a diplomat, involving himself in all sorts of dubious affairs.  The corruption of Africa is staggering, no thanks to years of European colonization, and the westernification of the continent means money can get you virtually anything, including an ambassadorship to a foreign nation.  I'm very eager to see this!  Have a look at the trailer: