Okay, so I've only posted two things on here and I'm pretty sure that -0 people have seen this thing, but that's okay because I'm still figuring out what I want it to be. Also I've been so retardedly busy lately with the Olympics that I haven't had time to watch and then talk about movies! My friend Andy and I have been talking about watching The Hurt Locker for seriously 2 months now and I just haven't had time even though the DVD is sitting on my desk... right there! So that's kinda true, although I have watched a couple movies late, still trying to decide whether I'll talk about everything I see or just things I like or... what! But I've decided, inspired by Andy's awesome sex & robots that I'm just going to make this about movies that I love and anything I find interesting whether its pictures, movie posters, trailers, movie news, or whatever. So its multi-purpose. Stay tuned!

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