For all you people who never made it to the video store I worked at, consider this blog a virtual staff picks that you find in a video store just like my old one. Why should you be reading this? You shouldn't! There are plenty of great movie websites out there but this is an attempt to expose some great older films that everyone should see (or shouldn't, if it sucks! Or should, if it sucks! There are some fabulous crap movies!). Why should you listen to me? Well because you want to, and I like movies! And films. And also cinema. And you, if you are still reading this, probably like all that too! In fact you very well like them more than I and have suggestions for movies I should see and I invite you and let me know! Or comment if you feel I'm full of crap! This is 2010 after all, The Year We Make Contact.

The concept conveniently (read: not) came to me 2 hours after I finished my last shift at a video store in Vancouver. There, I had a "Dan" shelf were I could put movies up that I had recently watched and made me look smart. I had unlimited access to 30,000 free movies and after I leave the job I have the great idea. 20-20 hindsight and all that.

I invite you to read the posts of the coming days, and I will do my dandiest to keep it up to date! Happy viewing/reading!


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