Control (2007)

"Oh hey, how's it going? What, Control? Yeah it's good. I just watched it. It took me a couple nights to watch the whole thing, y'know cause I put it on late and got tired so had to finish it the next day. You know how it is. Yeah, it's about Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division. You know Joy Division? Later to become New Order? Well they were Joy Division until Ian Curtis committed suicide. Yeah, super sad. He had a wife and a kid, and he was only 23! He also had epilepsy. Yeah right, like that helps eh? Plus he was super depressive. Like, you kind of just want to shake him and be like 'Lighten up!', but y'know, that's not really how it works. He's on the brink of tears for most of the movie, it's rough. But it's well done. And Samantha Morton plays his wife. Yeah, the Irish girl. I'm pretty sure she's Irish. She was in Minority Report, like the Pre-Cog that Tom Cruise rescues. Also Morvern Callar, which is excellent and also worth seeing. Yep, it's in black and white. But it looks good. It's not gimmicky. It was shot on colour apparently, but they printed it on black and white. But it works. It just makes the bleakness more... bleak? Also the director used to be a photographer and he shot Joy Division all the time. He probably shot in black and white too. So... y'know. Anyways, check it out. If you want to see the flip side of this movie, and by which I mean the comedic side that tells some of the same story, check out 24 Hour Party People. It's awesome. Super funny. Steve Coogan is the man, he plays Tony Wilson who founded Factory Records which Joy Division was a part of. But I'll tell ya all about that one another time. You're going to go with Control? Sweet. Okay man, see ya later!"

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