I will write more about Vertigo in the future because this movie is amazing. It is one of my favorites, and certainly my favorite Hitchcock. I went to San Francisco last fall and had to make a trip down to the Golden Gate Bridge just to take a shot emulating that great moment from the film.

This movie is so dreamy and mysterious, full of anxiety and uncertainty, and went on to inspire Chris Marker to make his fantastic short film La Jetee, which in turn inspired Terry Gilliam to make 12 Monkeys.

Anyways, James Stewart delivers one of his most intense and dynamic performances, as does Kim Novak. Its really great, it is a definite must see for anyone remotely interested in Hitchcock or mysteries or thrillers or whatnot. Excellent score by Bernard Herrmann, and titles by the legendary Saul Bass.Fort Point, 1958.Fort Point, Nov 2009.

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