Woody Allen: A Documentary

PBS has this documentary series called "American Masters" and recently they did a two part film about the great comedic/dramatic filmmaker Woody Allen.  I watched Part 1 last night and it was really good!  It's about 2 hours long.  But if you're interested in Allen, or contemporary American filmmakers, or interesting people, it is worth a look!  It not only looks back at Allen's career and films, but he is the central interview figure.  He indulges filmmaker Robert B. Weide (producer and director of many "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episodes), being very candid about his hopes and dreams and disappointments, as well as explaining his writing and creative processes (he still types everything on the same typewriter and "cuts and pastes" the old fashioned way!).  I think I'm going to watch Part 2 today.  But here it is all up on the PBS website.

Woody Allen: A Documentary (Part 1)

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