WOW! I continue to be the world's worst blogger! Chalk it up to a busy and gorgeous summer, and well, yeah the last thing I think I felt like doing was spending time on the computer. Hopefully, with the approaching gloom of the fall, I'll be watching and writing more! ANYWAYS! We are entering Canadian Film Festival season with the TIFF and the VIFF rapidly approaching! And this year, there are many films premiering at TIFF which is exciting! TIFF has become one of the biggest film festivals in North America which is very exciting indeed. Now, if we could only showcase our own films as prominently as the American ones. Baby steps, I suppose.

Speaking of the aforementioned approaching gloom, and films appearing at TIFF, here is a trailer for a film by director Jeff Nichols, and starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain. I think this looks great! I mean approaching gloom only from the thematical standpoint (watch trailer). Michael Shannon has become more of a common name around film circles and rightly so! He is a terrific actor, who, like a William H. Macy or a Philip Seymour Hoffman, was always "that guy" that you recognized in a ton of movies. Well, Shannon has been busy, doing turns in REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and the TV series BOARDWALK EMPIRE, and receiving much acclaim in the process! But take a look at his IMDB, and you'll probably recognize a few more titles that he has been involved in. His co-star, Jessica Chastain is having a huge year. She acted opposite Brad Pitt in Terrence Malick's enigmatic TREE OF LIFE, and is also in a handful of other releases this year. So! On to TAKE SHELTER. I think this looks thrilling, and creepy, and fascinating. Take a look and decide for yourself! And then wait for it to come to a theatre near you, and decide whether you will see it! Enjoy:

UPDATE: Michael Shannon, I just realized, is playing General Zod (Superman fans, I assume this is classic character? I don't know!), in the new Zach Snyder-directed and Christopher Nolan-produced Superman film, MAN OF STEEL!

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