This short, taut Canadian thriller by writer/director Ed Gass-Donnelly set in rural Ontario is worth seeing on the whole, but if you need one, really specific reason, it is the soundtrack. Bruce Peninsula provides the pulsing, soaring, and dramatic score blending epic drums and hints of First Nations and religious sounds. Very interesting! The film itself is good, and the acting is solid too. Peter Stormare (another, "that guy!", most notable to mainstream audiences as the crazy Russian cosmonaut in ARMAGEDDON, as well as Slippery Pete on SEINFELD) stars as a Ontario Provincial Police officer, Walther, whose small town is dealing with the murder of an unknown woman. Walter is tasked with the investigation and quickly becomes hampered by both a big city detective's arrival, as well as incooperative persons of interest, namely the new boyfriend of Walter's recently ex-wife, a slightly underused Jill Hennessy. While the investigation is more or less central to the film, the main theme is Walter coming to terms with his past and actions, and facing his demons and his anger. He is newly religious, as well as remarried, but is this quaint idyllic life really what he needs, or is it just further bottling up his emotions? Stormare is by now an accomplished actor, and I was really happy to see him taking a leading role, especially in a small independent Canadian film. Maybe I can hire him for my new project? Anyways, have a look at the trailer which contains some of the aforementioned soundtrack.

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