THE DEBT (2011)

Well, we went to see THE DEBT tonight, a smart historical thriller based around three Mossad agents in the 1960s hunting and capturing a Nazi war criminal in East Berlin, and it was great! I thought it was a very well made, intelligent, well acted, well shot, and well written film! So, good on all fronts. The cast was excellent, especially Helen Mirren, as well as Jessica Chastain (who plays the former's younger self)--who I mentioned yesterday is having a huge year. But most notably, Sam Worthington! I don't mean to be snide, but, I didn't know he could act! Sorry, Sam. But it doesn't help that his most visible work has been done in films like AVATAR, TERMINATOR: SALVATION, and CLASH OF THE TITANS--all films not hyped on their in-depth thespianism. So it was a nice surprise to really see him get a good role to sink into. I think he is going to be a Colin Farrell type, who Hollywood vetted to be a next big it-person leading man type, but fails, only to become a smaller and more critically acclaimed independent and non-mainstream actor who gets interesting roles in smart films like THE DEBT. So, go see it for its acting, but also for all the rest of the reasons one goes to see a great film. It is a pretty riveting story that is deftly edited together, coherently blending two time periods and cleanly establishing early on which two actors are playing the old and young versions of their characters. Well played, all of you!

Jessica Chastain

Sam Worthington


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