Mutual Appreciation (2005)

I was at the library picking up a few movies and noticed this was on the shelf. I was tempted to get it too, though I've already seen it and I think I've hit my movie-borrowing limit, so I didn't. But YOU should, because this is a great movie! Andrew Bujalski has earned both his lovers and his haters due to the "mumblecore" sub-genre that his films are often categorized in. Which is a shame because so people get caught up on labels and genres, and being someone who struggles with labeling and defining genres beyond horror/thriller/comedy/action/adventure etc., Mumblecore refers to a type of lo-fi filmmaking about pretty average, young, slightly impoverished people and their problems with relationships, employment, and love, and its characters stumbling, stuttering, and mumbling like real people through their dialogue. The haters say it's emo crap, and the lovers say it's the new American cinema, with ties and references back to the French New Wave, and the birth of American independent cinema, in particular the early films of John Cassavetes. I say, I enjoyed this movie.

The trailer here pretty much gives you a good taste of what to expect, and if you do see this and like it, then see Bujalski's other films, Funny Ha Ha (his debut, 2002) and Beeswax (2009). Have a look at the trailer! I'd write more but now I have to go to work!

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