Le Samourai

I've been terrible lately with keeping up with posts! I'll get some done today.
ANYWAYS, it seems as though every 18 months or so a new Air album comes out that I am unaware of, and I discover it 6 months after the fact somehow. And it's happened again. They put out "Love 2" in March and I've just found out about it, only because I was leafing through an old magazine from March! Now this isn't really a music blog, but the reason I am posting about this is that I was looking up one of their songs on YouTube and found it linked to this Jean-Pierre Melville film, Le Samourai, which is one of my favorites.

Alain Delon as Melville's hitman Jef.

Now I'm not usually a big fan of fan-made mash-ups of movies and music because usually it's kinda sloppy and what not, but for some reason this really works for me. One thing that bugs me about fan made stuff is that often there are dialogue scenes that are just muted and music plays over there, and that kinda bothers me. But this film is so contemplative and the dialogue is so sparse that it really works. Melville's films work on a highly visual level and Le Samourai is a great example of that. It stars Alain Delon, one of Melville's regulars, as a loner hitman in Paris.

There's a lot of this in Melville's films...

And a lot of countryside meetings between gangsters in black cars.

And Citroen DS's.

And lonely Metro shots. In short, everything I like in movies.

So take a good look at this clip, it has a great track by Air, who appear to have returned to form with this album, and enjoy a taste of Melville's Le Samourai. And of course I highly encourage you to see the entire film. Sadly, I don't own this yet, but it's on my lists of acquisitions. One Criterion DVD at a time.

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