C'etait un Rendez-vous (1976)

Directed by Claude Lelouch.

Lelouch's early morning, high-speed romp through the sleepy streets of Paris. I have watched this so many times and it stills mesmerizes me. This has become somewhat of a cult short film, and there has been lots of debate and speculation as to what kind of car was driven, and by whom. Some car boffins somehow figured out by analyzing the engine sound and gear ratios that it was a Ferrari 275 GTB, though later I believe Lelouch himself claimed he piloted his own Mercedes 6.9 to make this film. Either way, regardless of what kind of car, it has inspired many, many imitators, but never any duplicators. Fantastic and thrilling short cinema! Turn up the volume for full engine effect!

UPDATE: Thanks to my cousin Ian for sending me this short interview with Lelouch as they re-drive his 1976 route thirty years later in the same type of car he did. If you speak French you'll be able to glean some interesting facts, but if not... learn French! Tres interessant!:


  1. WOW! I'd never seen this before. Absolutely amazing!
    What year do you think this was?
    I think anyone who's been to Paris would appreciate this film and I think that regardless of the time of day these days in Paris, there'd never be that little traffic now!