Australian New (Crime) Wave?

We may be on the verge of an Australian New Wave! Maybe. I might be exaggerating a little, but there are at least two very interesting Australian crime films that will be crossing the Pacific to North America.

The first is "The Square" directed by Nash Edgerton, and written by brother Joel Edgerton. Some people are saying they might become the new "it" brothers, so watch out Coens. It will be interesting to see how the brothers Edgerton's careers evolve! "The Square" looks to be a film noir crime thriller, and if one were looking for a Coen Bros comparison one might look to their debut feature, the jet-black thriller Blood Simple. What's it about? Take a look at the trailer:

The second Australian noir film is one that has already gotten a lot of attention and it rocked the Sundance festival this year: Animal Kingdom. Written and directed by David Michod, it stars the excellent Guy Pearce as a detective (with an awesome mustache) determined to help a teenager from being swallowed into his family's criminal legacy. It also features the above-mentioned Joel Edgerton in a supporting role! Interesting. Have a look-see yourself:

It will be cool to see how these films do, as it seems a number of established Hollywood filmmakers more or less phoned in their latest releases, some new blood in the industry might pump some energy into 2010's crop of thrillers!

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