"Coffee is for closers."

So I understand some of you have seen Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), and I understand some of you might never see it, which would be a shame because it is packed to the gunwales with raw acting talent!  That being said, I have no problem showing you what is likely the most famous scene from the film.  It comes early in the film, Alec Baldwin shows up (his only scene) from Downtown to whip the flagging sales of this suburban office into shape by giving the salesmen some tough love.  In what is certainly one of Baldwin's greatest scenes, and he delivers a late night ego-crushing monologue to a room of bewildered salesmen.  If anyone has seen Boiler Room (2000), Ben Affleck's character certainly must be the spiritual successor to Baldwin's, and I'm sure Affleck had him in mind when delivering his own famous speech from that film.  Anyways, enjoy, and remember, Always Be Closing.  (Note:  It is David Mamet written: coarse but smart language ahead!)

Jay's Favorite Movie Scenes - Glengarry Glen Ross from Jay Deal on Vimeo.

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