An upcoming documentary about American contemporary photographer Gregory Crewdson.  I'm not familiar with his work, but as a photographer, film maker, and film lover, I am interested to see this!  Crewdson's photographs appear to be highly cinematic, in their rigorous attention to detail, composition, and story.  I have read some criticism of his work as vapid, obvious, and superficial, but again, not knowing his work, I cannot say myself how I feel.  What does intrigue me, is how his photos might trigger something in me, like an idea, or the germ of a story to be teased out.  The nature of photography leads it to being a starting off point, the genesis of a discussion or a thought for the viewer, and despite what criticism there is out there about Crewdson's work as being only skin deep, if it gets one thinking, acting, or re-acting, then more power to him.  I think I will seek out this film.  I have seen several interesting documentaries about photographers, like WAR PHOTOGRAPHER and ANNIE LEIBOVITZ: LIFE THROUGH A LENS, and being a photographer myself, it is always interesting seeing how those at the top of the medium work.

Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters Trailer from Benjamin Shapiro on Vimeo.

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