Directed by David Fincher. Well here is the official trailer for the US English language remake of the hit Swedish book and film series. The trailer leaked onto the internet a few days ago and it kept up being put up and then taken down again by Sony which begs the question, why do they really care? Because now it is up on Youtube anyways! Whatever, here it is, and personally I think it looks pretty cool. Very dark, very quick, it's pretty hard to process any of these shots, and on reflection I don't believe I really even saw Lisbeth Salander clearly. But it is a teaser and it does tease for sure. I read the books and enjoyed them and am intending to watch the Swedish films first but I will definitely see the US version too! Curious to see what Fincher does with them, but realistically he is kind of the obvious director to do such a dark series. Just watch SE7EN, or really any of films to see his style. Have a look at the trailer, which features an awesome cover of Led Zeppelin's "The Immigrant Song" which to me sounds like it was done by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I might be wrong. Pure Fincher!

Weee! I just rewatched it, and UPDATE: this is the Official version which I think is slightly different from the one I saw earlier this week, and yes, in this one you see Salander a bit more. And I love that tagline "The Feel Bad Movie of Christmas." Over the top? yes, but it works. Yay!

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