Finally a trailer of some sort! I'm obviously looking forward to these movies coming out, from what I understand there are three movies on the way, one directed by Spielberg, one directed by Peter Jackson, and one by a third director. The first story up: "The Secret of the Unicorn" which leads Tintin and Haddock on a treasure hunt which reveals Haddock's lineage to a great maritime hero. There have been some promotional pictures of both the behind the scenes stuff and of "final" stills from the film and it looks fabulous!

Despite all the complaints about computer animation and unnecessary CGI effects over the years, I think full-on motion capture animation is probably the best way to do a Tintin movie. While live action would be interesting, it would miss some of the charm of the books which comes from the precise and colourful animation. So I'm into the animated part of this, and the 3D, well, I guess that remains to be seen on whether necessary or not, though my first instinct is no. So there you have it! It's on the way, should be here next Christmas time! Hoorah!

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