Here is the trailer for BLACK SWAN, the latest film by American auteur filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, THE WRESTLER, PI).

I think it looks quite intriguing! Very dark, as per Aronofsky's style. Very curious to see how this turns out. Aronofsky is an interesting director, everything I have seen has been quite macabre yet beautiful and BLACK SWAN appears as though it fits that description as well. At one point, before BATMAN BEGINS existed, he was attached to direct a Batman reboot called Batman: Year One, based on the graphic novel of the same name. Large parts of that were incorporated into Nolan's BATMAN BEGINS, and while I love the film that Nolan came up with, it would have been really interesting to see where Aronofsky's twisted mind could have taken Batman! Aronofsky's track record is quite good, including lots of Oscar attention for THE WRESTLER (which I haven't see). I think the one blip on his career is THE FOUNTAIN, with Hugh Jackman, (it made an appearance on one of my favorite websites The Hunt for the Worst Film of All Time), yet in a way I feel like that film is possibly quite misunderstood and could very well return in twenty years as a cult classic (mark my words--maybe!). Regardless, I think BLACK SWAN could be a big hit this winter (I mean, it stars Natalie Portman, whose star continues to rise!) and I am really curious to see where it goes once it opens on December 1.

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