TO THE WONDER (2012/2013)

Terrence Malick is on a roll!  Both in the quality of films, but almost more importantly, in his output!  Malick is a renowned recluse, and in the past has gone for years, decades even, between releasing films.  He is a perfectionist, and Hollywood seems to have realized that it needs to give the man the time and space to create his art.  Since the release of TREE OF LIFE, which baffled some and dazzled many, most notable most of the celebrated critics, Malick has stepped up his production, and in fact already has this film, TO THE WONDER, coming out in wide release this year.  A quick search on IMDb shows that along with TO THE WONDER, 2013 will also bring KNIGHT OF CUPS and an "Unnamed Terence Malick project," as well as in 2014's VOYAGE IN TIME.  So here's hoping that with Malick's newfound productivity, the quality will remain on par!  I'm not sure what I can add to this powerful and moving trailer.  It is full of beautiful imagery, transcendental music and words, and featuring characters experiencing passion, love, and existential crises. In other words, a Terence Malick film.  Sign me up.

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