Remember how the other day I posted that picture of Gary Oldman in costume as George Smiley? Well I've just come across the trailer for TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY and it looks great! Now this is what I look for in a spy thriller. Lots of men talking in dark rooms, cigarette smoke, the murder of a man in Istanbul, some dramatic music, the flash of a Mercedes Benz, and virtually no fancy technology. I love and respect the BOURNE franchise for what it is, but that is an action series. This is what the spy world is more like (and even this I'm sure is more exciting than it actually is). I am also a huge fan of the 007 series, but from what I understand John Le Carre, the author of the novel on which this film is based, as well as many other fine espionage stories, set out to write the antithesis of James Bond, and based on his own experiences in the secret service. What I like here is that the conflict is not about missiles, or nukes, or computer hacking, it is about a mole in the operation and the conflict is between the people there. I find this much more interesting. Spydom was really about who could outsmart who. People who had good people-reading skills, as well as deception skills, the ability to lie flawlessly, and the experience and know how to look two, three, or five steps ahead to outwit the opponent, those people excelled. And I feel like Le Carre's stories, including this one, tell the story of the people who possess these skills and characteristics, and have chosen one of the loneliest professions in the world. So I await with bated breath the release of this film on November 16th! (And look at the cast! Wow, you know it is going to be good!)

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