HANNA (2011)

Okay, well I saw HANNA last night... and loved it! It was excellent. Surprisingly interesting and fresh considering the female-ass-kicking-spy-protagonist (also the male one) genre is so incredibly overdone. Saoirse Ronan is incredible in the title role of the girl trained in the woods of Finland by her father (Erik Bana) since near birth to be a super-agent, excelling at languages and fist-fighting. The story, while nothing incredibly new, adds more of a coming of age aspect to the Bourne style plot of a spy trying to figure out who they actually are. Hanna is released into the world, and with the help of a vacationing British family, she discovers the world her father denied her by keeping her in the woods. Of course, the CIA wants to apprehend her, and various hitmen are dispatched to bring her and/or her father in for a meeting with agent Cate Blanchett. The cinematography is gorgeous, and the settings and locales are rendered in a fresh and evocative manner. Ronan, Bana, and Blanchett are all great, as is the supporting cast, with a handful of familiar faces! And the soundtrack, amazing! The whole way through I was thinking and hoping that is was composed by the Chemical Brothers and yes it was! Really drives the movie forward. Anyways, go see this. It has a local connection to, the story and screenplay are by a Nanaimo man who also attended Vancouver Film School, Seth Lochhead!


  1. Just saw this last night, and loved it! I agree, the soundtrack really MADE the film. A lot of neat shots and cuts as well. I especially loved when she escaped from where she was "in holding". The music and the choppy scenes of her in the tunnels with the blinking lights, so neat.


  2. Yeah that scene really reminded me of RUN LOLA RUN!